A Flying Start?


Has your day, week, month or year got off to a flying start …or are you still struggling with stuff hanging over from the previous period? Truth is, IT’S NOT HOW YOU START that matters … IT’S HOW YOU FINISH THAT COUNTS!
The true story is told of a man who had two sons. He said to his first son, today I want you to work in my vineyard, but the son said “I don’t want to, I’m not going to“.  After the son thought about it, he apologised to his father and he repented and went and worked in the vineyard. The father also asked the second son to work in the vineyard and the son said “Yes, I will“ but then he took off and did his own thing, probably on his PlayStation or Xbox.  
So, which son did the will of the father? Jesus rebuked the religious self righteous people of the day saying “even the tax collectors and Harlots get into the kingdom of God before you!” Read it in Mathew 21:28.  Truth is …
  • It’s not what we say, It’s what we do …
  • It’s not who you are, It’s who you can become…
It’s never too late for anyone to change.  Real change comes from a relationship with God, a relationship with your father in Heaven.  Words are empty things until we fill them with an action.  James 2-14 says
Faith without works is dead.
Religious talk doesn’t change anything, but a righteous walk changes everything.  It doesn’t matter how you started, you can finish well!  If you’ve had a set back then it was just a set up for your come back!  Today is designed for you to step up to the batter’s plate and hit a home run.  This day, week, month and year can be your best yet if you choose to work in your heavenly father’s vineyard. 

God bless you heaps 

Pastor Nigel