A Well Maintained Machine

We all feel better, think better, work better and live better when our relationships are going good.  So what’s the secret to having and enjoying great relationships?  Over the past few years I’ve been restoring an old motorcycle for a client.  I could have just got it running and sprayed some paint here and there and made it function.  But underneath it would still be unreliable and probably break down and it would constantly need expensive maintenance and repairs.  Yes the rust and the oil leaks and the problems from years of neglect and abuse may stay hidden for a while but would eventually return.  So if we wanted a proper restoration there was only one way to do it.  Strip it right back to the frame and make every part like new again and then reassemble it as a new bike.
Our relationships are the same.  All relationships need some maintenance.  If we keep our vehicles serviced and maintained they go for years with little or no problems.  If we regularly give our relationships the love and attention that they need they will go for years as well.  Sometimes our relationships may need a full restoration and that means stripping it back to the frame and lovingly patiently repairing each part until it’s like new again.  Yes this process takes time effort and commitment but the rewards are worth all the effort.  
Relationships are the currency of life
We live in a consumer society where if something’s worn out broken you simply throw it away.  We must not do this with relationships because relationships are the currency of life.  The good news is that there is great wisdom in God’s word about how to keep our relationships going great and even how to do a full restoration on them.  To do a good job you need the right tools.  The word of God is your tool kit and Jesus is the master mechanic with an eternity of experience.  When it’s all said and done , nothing much on this earth really matters.  What will matter is the relationship we have with God and with each other.  So how do we feel better, think better, work better and live better?  We get out the tool box and get out the right tools and we pour some love into our relationships.  
The best tools for the job are found in 1st Corinthians chapter 13 verse 4 to 8. Check it out today!
Love is being patient and love is being kind ♥️
Love changes everything
Will you be the catalyst for change today?  Be brave and be patient and be kind and change someone’s life today. 
God bless you heaps 
Pastor Nigel

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