Anger or Kindness?

Just want to encourage you today whatever is happening in your life.  Remember this, you were born for more.A very successful business man who ran a large insurance company got ready for work as usual and as he went to get in his car.  A stray dog came out from under the car and bit him on the leg!  He kicked the dog in anger and it ran away.  That day when he had his board meeting with his executives he was still angry about the dog and he put his anger on his executives.  His executives got angry and put their anger on the workers. The workers got angry and put their anger on the janitor.  The janitor went home angry and his wife asked him, “how was your day dear?” The janitor was still angry and slapped his wife!

The wife stormed off and caught their son watching tv when he wasn’t supposed to be so she got angry at him and slapped him and sent him to bed without dinner.  The boy was so angry that night he escaped out the window and walked up the street where he saw a stray dog, so he threw rocks at the dog and hurt it badly.  The dog ran away and hid under a car up the road which just happened to belong to his father’s boss who owned the insurance company.
Other people can’t make you angry, we choose to “be angry.”


God’s word tells us that “we reap what we sow.”  Read it for yourself in Galatians 6:7.  What are you sowing today?  Anger is a real feeling but we all have to make a choice to be angry or to not be angry.  Other people can’t make you angry, we choose to “be angry.”  But just think, what would life be like if 6 billion of us chose to be peaceful and kind?  If we sow peace and kindness we will reap peace and kindness.  And the dog up the road won’t bite anyone again.  Is there someone in your life that you can be kind to today?

Why not do just one act of kindness, even to someone who doesn’t deserve it.  If you want a different harvest you’ve got to sow a different seed.

God bless you heaps 

Pastor Nigel

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