The greatest knowledge in anyone’s Christian walk is learning and knowing the Lord is the same yesterday and forever.  Now that’s a curly piece of knowledge to accept when you see everything around you going belly-up time after time! Read more…

The Black Thing (Part 2)

The Continuing story of The Black Thing, it haunted me for days and weeks!  A new friend of mine told me she went to Mary’s place Read more…

The Black Thing

In the year of 1976 my father in-law was laid to rest in the Maryborough Cemetery. After a week in Maryborough we planned our long trip back home out west. Before heading west I thought of going out to the cemetery to say my goodbyes to my late father in-law. Read more…

Testimony of Faith

Testimony of Faith

As new Christians we are often on fire for God and though I was not aware of it at the time He has put into my heart a ministry of support for local churches.

My story begins upon my return to my home town as a single Mum with 2 young girls and me returning to church and being baptised. Read more…

Another miracle at Hope

Below is a video presentation sharing some awesome news. It runs for about 20 minutes. If you don’t wish to watch the video through then you can look below the video for the announcement.

No one has ever told me this before

One Sunday morning I went to the 7:30 service at St Johns, intended on going to Albert St for 9:00, I  took a left instead of a right and ended up on the corner of Edward and Queen Streets (God’s plan not mine). A homeless man was there selling The Big Issue magazine.  The lights went green, he tried to sell to me, I said sorry I need to cross, I walked a few feet, I was running very late, I felt bad for not talking to that man, I repented of it,& turned back., I spoke to him, asked what he would do with the

I was healed!

My dear friend from down south would like to share her last few weeks with you.  By the way this gorgeous little woman of God is in her eighties. 

“Two weeks before Christmas I went to see my doctor regarding a couple of sunspots on my face.  He checked them and said he could fix them no problem…but he said he was more concerned about a BCC on the left side of my nose.  It had to come off but would need a biopsy needle and would be quite painful.  I told him I would like to leave it until after Christmas.  Naturally I prayed that the Lord would sort it out and take care of me. 

Jesus, my inspiration

I just love orangey reddy colours. I came to a point with my music and performing about 2 years ago where I was a bit unhappy so I thought I would turn everything over to Jesus. He would be my promoter and inspiration /purpose. I know it sounds a bit obsurd but without any stress and struggle everything fell into place. The people I’ve met and the places I’ve been have been phenomenal. He has used me and music to change peoples lives for the better. It’s amazing having his Spirit as a constant companion

An observation

I’ve noticed and experienced that there are many things in life that can give us peace. Alcohol is a good example, it works on the mind and body but wears off, after a while needing top ups, and further on affecting our health and relationships. Some peace is like sugar lovely but addictive. True freedom is when our spirits are freed, then it is a permanent freedom. Where the Spirit of God is, there is this kind of freedom. Just love it!