Welcome to the Network 31 Blog.

Network 31 is a community of women who come together each month to sow into each other’s lives and reap a harvest of blessings! It is a ministry of Hope Community Church and is open to all women in the Isis District in Queensland’s Wide Bay Area.   Network 31 meets every third Saturday of the month from 10:00am at the Apple Tree Creek Memorial Hall, Bruce Highway, Apple Tree Creek.   Network 31 provides access to:

  • Skill sharing
  • Inspiration
  • Ingenuity
  • Testimony
  • Help
  • Ideas
  • Partnership

  By coming together we can provide positive support  to each other in our spiritual growth forming a cheer squad to spur each other on to fruitful endeavour.   This blog provides the women of the network an on-line space to continue their conversations. So comments are not only welcome but necessary to the building of this on-line community. However just like in our face to face community our words need to be kind and respectful. Negative and hurtful comments, and spam will not be published.

The Black Thing

In the year of 1976 my father in-law was laid to rest in the Maryborough Cemetery. After a week in Maryborough we planned our long trip back home out west. Before heading west I thought of going out to the cemetery to say my goodbyes to my late father in-law. Read more…

Testimony of Faith

Testimony of Faith

As new Christians we are often on fire for God and though I was not aware of it at the time He has put into my heart a ministry of support for local churches.

My story begins upon my return to my home town as a single Mum with 2 young girls and me returning to church and being baptised. Read more…

The Greatest Gift

To lift you up and encourage you. The story is told of a young man growing up in a Godly household with Godly parents Read more…

Where are you?

Hope your new year is filled with joy and blessings. In the first book of that ancient roadmap for life Genesis 3:9, God asks Adam a very important question; God asks Adam and Eve “Where are you?” Read more…

Johnny’s Letter

To encourage you today, the story is told about a naughty little boy called Johnny.  No matter what his parents tried, Johnny was always in trouble.  Read more…

Anger or Kindness?

Just want to encourage you today whatever is happening in your life.  Remember this, you were born for more.A very successful Read more…

Where are you looking?

Be encouraged today, God has a plan for your life.  Do you know what that plan is?  Do you want to know what that plan is? Would Read more…

Winning The Human Race

Did you know that we are all in a race?  The “Human Race.”  Whether we are poor, rich,  tall, short, white, black or Read more…