David was just a man too!

Just for you to encourage you and to bless you.  One thing is for sure, when you’re down to nothing God’s up to something!  Truth is God does his best work when we have nothing left, when we are at the end of our tether, when we are broke and broken and empty and when we are at the end of our wisdom and at the end of our strength.  That’s when God loves to intervene and protect you and resurrect you with his love.    When we are facing a battle that we just can’t win in the natural; that’s the best time to ask God to intervene with the supernatural.

When David faced Goliath he knew better than to rely on himself.  David knew that God’s ways are higher than our ways.  David knew that when we trust God with the situation we are facing he is able to do abundantly exceedingly more than we could ever ask for or even think possible.  That dirty filthy Philistine Goliath had seen God’s hand at work and he knew better than to attack God.  So he tried to humiliate David, it didn’t work because David knew that on his own he was just a man but with God, he was a world changer and he was victorious! 
Don’t get sucked into fighting a spiritual battle with natural ways

And friends it’s the same for us.  Don’t get sucked into fighting a spiritual battle with natural ways.  When we surrender to God and let him lead our lives then he implements the battle plan.  God goes before us and we can expect the victory in Jesus name! If God be for you, who can be against you?  Jesus never said you won’t have battles but he did say he’d never leave you or forsake you.  Whatever battle you’re facing right now if you invite Jesus to fight on your behalf then you and God are the majority!  And just like David that giant Philistine that comes against all that is good and all that is right and all that is holy will fall to the ground!  Amen!  With love and blessings to you today, Pastor Nigel.

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