Freeze or Flee?

Hello precious people, just want to encourage you today. Question, have you ever been chased by a grizzly bear? FEAR would have gripped you and you would have had two choices; to FREEZE or to FLEE! If you froze you’d be a frozen meal, if you fled you’d live to tell the tale. Your natural fear is there to keep you alive but unnatural fear is there to take you out!

FEAR of …

  • Not being good enough 
  • Not being accepted 
  • Not being liked
  • Not being loved


FEAR of…

  • Loneliness 
  • Failure
  • Poverty…not having enough 
  • Sickness
  • Accidents


FEAR of…

  • Losing someone you love


FEAR of…

  • Death 
  • Confrontation 
  • Being wrong 
  • Stuffing up
  • Not being good enough 
  • Making mistakes 
Fear is Faith’s evil twin.
Truth is friends this type of fear will rob you of all the good things you can do. This type of fear will paralyse you and rob you of all that God has called you to be. Fear is a liar – False Evidence Appearing Real. Ninety percent of what we are afraid of happening won’t happen and the other 10 percent we can’t do anything about anyway. Fear is Faith’s evil twin. They both cause you to believe that what you cannot see will happen! So we need to decide which one we are going to believe. FEAR or FAITH?

We need to decide whether we’re going to be a FROZEN MEAL for a hungry bear or whether we FLEE from the lies that fear tries to get us to believe. Fear is a liar. Fear will stop you in your tracks. Fear will take your breath and rob your rest and steal your happiness. But thank God there is an answer. Jesus says it best in the Bible in 1st John 4:18;
There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear, because fear involves torment. The one who fears has not been perfected in love.
Are you sick of being tormented by fear? Do you want to be perfected in love? Here’s the answer, perfect love drives out fear! The only way to find this perfect love is to surrender to God and accept that God really does love you. Accept that Jesus is the son of God and invite Jesus into your heart. The Bible says that, God is Love so if we want to be free from fear then we need the perfect love of God which drives out all fear! Don’t shrink back, push back instead! Push back with your faith, push back with the truth, push back with what God says about you! Get your hope back! Stand up straight. Use your faith to send the devil and his lies filled with fear packing. You have a great future ahead. Take hold of that perfect love with both hands, take hold of that perfect love with all your heart! And he will make a way where there seems no way.
God bless you heaps 
Pastor Nigel