From the Pit to the Palace

Does God show you the plans he has for you in dreams?  In Genesis chapter 37 the story is told of a young man named Joseph who had a coat of many colours.  In his dreams his brothers were bowing down to him?  Joseph couldn’t wait to tell his family all about his dream but they weren’t happy about it at all.  Joseph wasn’t arrogant or egotistical, he was just excited.  His brothers chose to be offended (being offended is a choice)and they cast him into a pit, ripped his new designer coat and covered it with goats blood and told their father that Joseph was dead!  And you think your family is dysfunctional.  Just be careful who you share your dreams with as not everyone can see the future God has for you. 
Being offended is a choice
The camel traders came along and Joseph’s brothers decided to make money out of the situation as well, so they sold him into slavery.  Joseph was now a slave in Phaaroh’s house and because he kept his heart right and didn’t get his knickers in a knot he eventually became 2nd in charge of Egypt!  God showed Joseph there was a famine coming so he stored up grain and it wasn’t long before his brothers came asking for food and they bowed down to him.  Joseph went from the pit to the palace because he chose to not be offended and he chose to trust God even when things looked impossible.   
It’s our attitude that determines our altitude!  
Joseph chose to be kind and respectful to those in authority over him.  It’s our attitude that determines our altitude!  
Joseph held onto the dreams God had placed in his heart, he didn’t give up!  And friends it’s the same for you and me.  God can take you from the pit to the palace.  But he needs your faith and your trust in him to do it.  God has a plan for your life even when it doesn’t look like it, even when it doesn’t feel like it.  So can I encourage you today to press on with God.  Pursue that relationship with God, find out what he’s really like by reading his love letter to you ♥️(the Bible).  Just try reading the 1st chapter of John to see how awesome God is and see the plan he has for your life. 
God bless you heaps 
Pastor Nigel 

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