I was healed!

My dear friend from down south would like to share her last few weeks with you.  By the way this gorgeous little woman of God is in her eighties. 

“Two weeks before Christmas I went to see my doctor regarding a couple of sunspots on my face.  He checked them and said he could fix them no problem…but he said he was more concerned about a BCC on the left side of my nose.  It had to come off but would need a biopsy needle and would be quite painful.  I told him I would like to leave it until after Christmas.  Naturally I prayed that the Lord would sort it out and take care of me. 
On 29th December when I went in accompanied by my daughter, the doctor had a look…and then a more thorough look with 2 more lights.  He said, “I’m not seeing anything…I’m sorry to have put you through this trauma”.  God answered my prayer, He met my every need over and above….Hallelujah!”


Interestingly, you might like to know that my friend has been staying in Brisbane the last few days and, apart from beautiful time spent catching up with family, she has asked for prayer for a lovely Japanese lady she witnessed to in a major bank in the city and prayer for Ronnie, a homeless man she brought into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ on Sunday as she was attempting a ‘church crawl’ in the inner city.