Johnny’s Letter

To encourage you today, the story is told about a naughty little boy called Johnny.  No matter what his parents tried, Johnny was always in trouble.  Christmas was approaching and his mum suggested he write a letter to Santa but little Johnny had faith in God and he felt it was better to write a letter to Jesus.

Dear Jesus, he wrote, 

I have been a very good boy, can I have a new bike for Christmas?  But Johnny knew that was a lie so he wrote another letter.  Dear Jesus, I’ve been a good boy most of the time, can I have a new bike for Christmas?  The Holy Spirit convicted him again saying, “that’s not true Johnny,”  so he wrote a third letter.  Dear Jesus, I could be a good boy if I really tried and I’d be a really good boy if I had a new bike.  Johnny still wasn’t happy with his letter so he went for a walk and on his way he walked past the church which had a statue of Mary in the front garden.  Johnny quickly picked up the statue and hid it under his coat and ran home and hid Mary under his bed!  He then wrote his letter to Jesus.  Dear Jesus, if you ever want to see your mother again, then you’d better send me a new push bike for Christmas.   

Thank God that we can come to God at any time,  regardless of what we’ve done.  We can simply believe that God is who he says he is, we can confess our sin and repent and turn away from doing wrong and he forgives us.  Now that’s what God’s grace is all about.  I’m sure little Johnny will work out that to get what he wants in life it’s better to do things Gods way.   

Let this Christmas time be the time to LET GO and LET GOD take the steering wheel of your life.  Take the time to rest knowing that God loves you and he cares for you and he will work all things out if you trust him and place your faith in him.   Take the time to reflect on where you are going in life.  God has a great plan for your life, why not find out what that plan is?  This Christmas,  allow yourself to take a leap of faith and hand over all your hopes and dreams to God and let him pick up the ones he wants you to have in 2019.

Have a safe and merry Christmas.  

God bless you heaps. 

Pastor Nigel