Life Wasn’t Meant To Be Easy!

Just a little message of faith to get you through another week.  Have you ever been going through a hard time and some do good feel good self opinionated person filled with their own wisdom tells you … Life wasn’t meant to be easy?  While they mean you no harm that statement doesn’t do you any good either.  What we really need when we’re facing tough times is:
  1. Peace
  2. Direction 
  3. Wisdom
  4. Strength and 
  5. Perseverance!

So how do you get these things?  Where do you get these things? They’re not found in a bottle of Bundy rum, they’re not found in drugs, they’re not found in a one night stand, they’re not found in material possessions, sorry ladies they’re not even found in shopping And they’re not found in relationships with people who really don’t love you.  So WHAT’S the answer?  Maybe the question should be WHO is the answer?  Yes the people around you who love you can certainly share their peace with you and yes they can help with clarity on a situation and yes they can love you and encourage you and even help with finding the right direction.  Yes, people who really love you can encourage you and spur you on BUT ultimately the answer is Jesus!  It’s not complicated.  God has everything you need to get you through what you’re going through. 

The peace of God calms the storm and says “it’s going to be ok.”  The words of Jesus in the Bible say “walk this way” and he gives us the direction we need to navigate the pain and suffering.  The revelation from God says “trust me and I will show you.”  Revelation from God gives us the wisdom to make good choices.  Truth is, it’s the strength that comes from a relationship with God that makes all the difference, strength from God is the deciding factor!  Knowing that God loves you and knowing that he has a great plan for your life is more than enough.  Perseverance comes from rock solid faith that goes deep into your life. Rock solid faith is vital for your breakthrough. 
So who cares if life wasn’t meant to be easy!  If we have a real relationship with the same God who created the universe and everything in it, then I just know he can bring me through anything this life throws at me.  And he will do the same for you if you will surrender and trust him with your life.
God bless you heaps  Pastor Nigel.

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