Equipped & Productive

Broken vessels cannot bring Glory to God when they stay broken. It is up to us to align ourselves with God’s plan for our lives and very often this involves us changing and transforming our minds and in turn our lives will be changed on the outside also. In this way we can be Ambassadors for Christ.  (2 Cor 5: 20)


Aims of Network 31

Network 31 aims to create a space wherein women can come together to sow into each other the abilities and qualities endowed by the Woman of Proverbs 31 and to reap the harvest of a successful and victorious life.


We do this by:


The Network 31 Covenant

Network 31 is a  network of Christian women challenging each other to take the calling of Jesus seriously in their lives.   Network 31 has four focus areas

  • Personal Alignment
  • Stewardship
  • Christian Entrepreneurship
  • Ministry


Welcome to the Network 31 Blog.

Network 31 is a community of women who come together each month to sow into each other’s lives and reap a harvest of blessings! It is a ministry of Hope Community Church and is open to all women in the Isis District in Queensland’s Wide Bay Area.   Network 31 meets every third Saturday of the month from 10:00am at the Apple Tree Creek Memorial Hall, Bruce Highway, Apple Tree Creek.   Network 31 provides access to: