No one has ever told me this before

One Sunday morning I went to the 7:30 service at St Johns, intended on going to Albert St for 9:00, I  took a left instead of a right and ended up on the corner of Edward and Queen Streets (God’s plan not mine). A homeless man was there selling The Big Issue magazine.  The lights went green, he tried to sell to me, I said sorry I need to cross, I walked a few feet, I was running very late, I felt bad for not talking to that man, I repented of it,& turned back., I spoke to him, asked what he would do with the
money I gave him.  He said I’m working, I have to go back to the shelter and get food after this. I told him about Jesus, he said no one has ever told me this before. I led him to the Lord. Told him he was a new creation now, the old has gone, the new has come, sang the song, “I’m a new creation etc.,”He asked me 3 times, is everything I’ve ever done wiped away? ME,YES! Said we will all still do wrong things, we must repent daily, or when necessary. I said, you are a child of God now, you have a new life.
I went back to my unit, as I walked I realized I didn’t get his name. Went upstairs, had 2 pieces of bread left, made vegemite sandwich, put it, a banana, 6 Weetbix in zip bag and went back. He was still on corner, I said I didn’t get your name, reply, it’s Ronnie, what’s yours? I said again, you’re a new man Ronnie!!! I then prayed the crippled beggar Scripture over him…..silver and gold have I none, but what I have I give, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, stand up and live!!! I said you’re going to stand tall from now on Ronnie! I then said I can smell smoke on you, I prayed God would take the smoking addiction off him, he thanked me, I gave him a hug, and left. Please pray for Ronnie!!! He was still on the corner an hour later.  We went to get a few groceries, on the way back at 11:15  he was catching a bus near us. Ronnie I believe has been resurrected!!! Hallelujah!!! How many Ronnie’s are out there???? THE FIELDS ARE RIPE! WE MUST GET OUT THERE!!!!!!! GLORY TO GOD!!!!