We have a saying here at Hope
No two Sundays are ever the same!
Welcome to Hope Community Church.  During your time with us, It is our desire for you to have an encounter with the Lord.  We want you to be able to taste and see that Lord is good (Psalm 34).  As believers, the Lord now dwells inside each of us and He calls us to let Him loose in the world.  Our Sunday worship services are all about and for the Lord Jesus. He is the reason we exist and we gather to glorify Him for what He’s done and who He is.
Although often different from week to week, we do have a typical structure we follow.  The service starts with a time of worship (you can read more about worship and our style by clicking here).  We encourage the congregation to stand during worship and prayer if able.  The service starts at 9:30 am and usually concludes around 11:00 am before a time of fellowship.   After worship some or all of the following may occur:
  • Corporate Prayer – Prayer is paramount in our walk with Christ.  Simply, it is our conversation with the Lord God.  It is the one of the main ways we can see the Kingdom of God manifest in our live and our world.  Prayer is often led for the congregation but opportunities exist for requests to be shared.  
  • Word of Encouragement – usually delivered by the senior pastor from the Word of God (the Bible)
  • Prophesy – All believers are able to operate in this spiritual gift.  Prophesy is from the Lord via His Holy Spirit and typically used to bring encouragement to people or the church as a whole.  The church is a safe place where people can exercise, practise and grow in their gifts.    
  • Greetings of Peace – We often see this demonstrated in the Pauline Epistles (Paul’s letters in the New Testament).  This is a few moments where we can greet each other and welcome you.
  • Tithes and Offerings received – This is a biblical commandment that as a Bible believing church we follow.  Our giving is an act of obedience and faith.  Jesus Himself said that it is more blessed to give than to receive.  NB: If you are visiting, please don’t feel any pressure to give
  • Testimonials – We love to hear of answered prayer and testimonies of what the Lord has done.  We encourage people to share publicly the wonderful things God is doing or done.
  • Communion – The taking of the bread and cup (cracker & Ribena) as commanded in the Bible is done in remembrance of the work of Jesus on the cross.  Everyone is welcome to participate in the Lord’s supper.
Finally, the message is delivered (we usually have a different speaker each week during a month).  Often, after the message an altar call is made where an invitation is made for anyone who is yet to receive the gift of Jesus to do so.  Additionally, there may be a opportunity for people to come up the front for personal prayer by the speaker and/or leadership.
Last but not least, we have morning tea and fellowship.  We have been blessed with a lovely East facing deck on which we can mingle after the service. Please stay for a FREE tea or coffee and light refreshments. 
Parking is available off street right beside the Apple Tree Creek Memorial Hall in which the church meets.  No attendants are available so please take care and park at your own risk.
During the winter months it can be quite cold in the hall so you may want to rug up.  Typically people wear casual or smart casual clothing.  Formal attire is not required or typical.  Please ensure you dress modestly but feel free to come as you are, we welcome you.   
Our children’s ministry is still in the planning stage so at this time we don’t offer any particular service.  Free colouring books and pencils can be provided.  The children are free to use the tables and chairs down the back of the hall.  All children are welcome to remain with the congregation throughout the service.  Please ensure your children are supervised at all times.