Position, Position, Position

POSITION POSITION POSITION! is the battle cry of every real estate guru, perhaps they know something?  I’ve been told it’s better to have the worst house in the best street, rather than the best house in the worst street.  And friends it’s the same with our spiritual position.  How’s your position today?
Are you where God would like you to be or are you where you think you should be?  Like it or not, we are 3 dimensional beings, we have a spirit, a soul and a body.  If these 3 aren’t getting along well then there’s going to be “big trouble in little China.”  How is your position in your thinking?  How is your position in your attitudes?  How is your position in your faith?  Adam and Eve were very very naughty in the garden.  They were in the best possible position with God and the best possible position for the greatest blessings.  But that dirty low down no good liar, the devil, set them up to disobey God and then their position changed!!!  They went from blessed to cursed but God still loved them.  Thank God he sent Jesus to smash that curse and make a way for us to get back into the right POSITION. 
Your heart and your faith will give you a picture of your spiritual position
It’s no different for us today!  Our spiritual position is always more important that our physical position.  You might be the best house in the worst street  but it’s better to be in the best street, even if your house does need a little work.  Yes , we still need to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing but all of that is useless if we’re not in the right spiritual POSITION with God.  Your eyes and your mind have the ability to give you a picture of your current physical position.  But your heart and your faith will give you a picture of your spiritual position.  Your faith will show you where you are with God and where God wants you to be.  Your mind will always try and analyze your physical position but your faith will always give you a picture of a better spiritual position.  Our faith is the vehicle that will move us out of the wrong position and into the right position.  Faith has the power to change our position:
  • In our believing 
  • In our thinking
  • In our speaking
  • And in our actions 
Making the decision to have faith in God changes your position in the spiritual realm.  When we choose to place our faith In God we move from being a sinner destined for hell to being a a child of God destined for Heaven.  Now that’s what I call POSITION POSITION POSITION!  Are you ready for a new POSITION? 
God bless you heaps. 
Pastor Nigel 

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