Possums, Possums Everywhere

Here’s a funny story to make you laugh. The Apple Tree Creek Hall aka “Hope Church” . has been overrun with possums! Possums in the foyer, Possums in the kitchen, Possums in the toilets, Possums everywhere! Pastors Nigel and Jo and Troy and Bec didn’t know what to do! They tried everything to remove the possums. After a great deal of prayer pastor Nigel determined that the possums were predestined to be there; and who were we to stand in the way of God’s will? But the possums began to multiply rapidly. Pastor Troy decided that we couldn’t harm any of God’s creatures so he got some humane possum trap cages and caught all the pesky possums. Pastor Troy took them on a long drive, to a nice forest and let them go. But alas, after a few days the pesky possums were back! Aghhhh!

Pastor Jo-Anne and Pastor Bec were much smarter than Nigel and Troy. Pastors Jo and Bec baptised all the possums and made them members of Hope church. Now the possums only come to church for Christmas and Easter, LOL!  Only joking, our church is a great church and our precious congregation is faithful. The good news according the the NCLS survey says,

Australia is still approximately 61 percent Christian.

50 years ago church attendance was a major part of our Australian identity. Our Australian culture is founded on the principles and morals and values that are found in the Holy Bible.  God is calling Australia back to him. The local church is God’s plan for Australia to get back on track. Just imagine what would happen if all of Australia went to church!

What would Australia look like if all of us had a real encounter with God and decided to become a follower of Jesus? Jesus changed the world with 12 followers! Imagine what he can do with 25,015,146 Aussie Followers!  Truth is friends, this revolution starts with you and with me. Why don’t you give it a go and find yourself in church this weekend?

Or at least be a good possum and go to church at Easter.  I believe it will change your life.

God bless you heaps 

Pastor Nigel

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