Pouring out Kindness is Powerful

Has some one ever been mean to you?  Has someone ever been kind to you? Which one helped restore your faith in God?

The story is told of a young boy who was very poor.  His parents had died so he was on his own. He went door to door selling cheap goods to pay his way through school.  After many door knocks with very little in sales, he became very sad and he thought, at the next house he would ask for some food.  

A true act of kindness doesn’t require payment


He was very hungry.  When the door opened, a beautiful woman answered the door but he was shy so he just asked for a glass is water.  The beautiful young woman had been praying to God asking God for an opportunity to be kind to someone so she said,  “I can do better than that” and she brought him a large glass of milk!  The young boy was so happy as he drank his milk.  He said thank you and asked the beautiful lady “How much do I owe you?”  She said, “you don’t owe me anything, my mum always told me that a true act of kindness doesn’t require payment.” The young boy went on his way with his faith in God restored and he was even more determined to finish school.  Some years later the beautiful woman became very ill and the doctors were perplexed so they sent her to the big hospital in the city.  The doctors found that she had a rare disease which was life threatening so they called in a specialist doctor, Doctor Howard Kelly.  When Doctor Kelly found out where the woman was from he took a special interest in her case and worked around the clock to save her!  After many months of treatment the woman became well again.  Dr Kelly asked that he check the account before it was given to the woman.  He wrote something on the bottom of her medical bill. When the woman got the medical bill she didn’t want to open it because she knew she would have to pay it off for the rest of her life.  But she did open it and it was hundreds of thousands of dollars! But on the bottom of the bill was written PAID IN FULL WITH ONE LARGE GLASS OF MILK! Amen! Have you been praying for the opportunity to be kind to someone?  Being kind to someone will definitely change their life and may even save your life!  There was a man who gave us an incredible act of kindness, a man who died on a cross because of all our sin, to pay for all our wrong doings.  His name is Jesus.  Let’s be like Jesus! Let’s change this world with acts of kindness! Who will you be kind to today? God bless you heaps,  Pastor Nigel 

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