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August 2019

Facing Fear

Faith and Fear both believe what we can not see. Which will you choose to live by? Fear keeps us in bondage. Fear keeps us from fulfilling lives. Fear kills dreams. Fear ruins relationships. Fear wants to keep you running away from something that isn’t after you. Fear is Fantasised Experiences Appearing R

You Shall Be Witnesses to Me

We are all called to be a witness for Christ, how we do so will be different for each one of us. Some have the gift of evangelism. We simply need to be obedient to His will for us, not compete and compare amongst ourselves. Some plant, or sow, others water but it’s the Lord who perform

How to Share Your Faith

What is your purpose in life? TO LOVE GOD, TO LOVE PEOPLE, TO LEAD PEOPLE TO CHRIST AND TO MAKE DISCIPLES.  This is our purpose and I hope you believe it too.  Next quest