Testimony of Faith

Testimony of Faith

As new Christians we are often on fire for God and though I was not aware of it at the time He has put into my heart a ministry of support for local churches.

My story begins upon my return to my home town as a single Mum with 2 young girls and me returning to church and being baptised. I remembered as a child that I loved to watch the Christmas Parades every year. I had been back “home” for about 3 years and took my children to these parades however I noticed that there was not one Christian float represented.

As Christmas time was coming up again I approached my Pastor and asked if he would support my idea of putting notices to the other churches in town and also would he take the idea to the Ministers Monthly meetings. He was enthusiastic so I prepared the notices and visited all the churches. The first planning was a Tuesday night at 7pm and I arrived at the building greeted by my Pastor. We waited ½ an hour and no one else turned up. My Pastor was mortified to say the least apologising to me. My response was, “It’s okay Mike I have already doubled my numbers”. I believe these were prophetic words.

We followed up with another planning meeting a couple of weeks later and were blessed with a lot more attendees and the plan was put into place for a working bee to prepare the float.

We won 3rd prize with a float comprising Joseph and Mary holding baby Jesus with boxes of the Fruit of the Spirit on the back of a large tray truck. Also, on the float one of our church members played a brightly painted iridescent yellow piano. Walking behind and around the float were 30 Christians singing praises to the Lord.

Our God is faithful and He kept me faithful to my dream of seeing a Christian float in the Christmas parade.

Cheers Vicky Williams