The Black Thing (Part 2)

The Continuing story of The Black Thing, it haunted me for days and weeks!  A new friend of mine told me she went to Mary’s place for a church meeting and asked, “Did I know her?” Brenda was saying it was a strange meeting as they all spoke in this strange language! Well, with a loud shout and jumping up I grabbed Brenda by the arm and we were out the door like a shot! I had not heard of a spirit filled church anywhere for a long long time. So with Brenda in tow and hair flying and eyes wide she asked what’s up? What did I say?

We got to Mary’s place and I wondered what I was doing there and sat for the meeting feeling confused and yes The Black Thing was in the car (spooky). Mary became a very precious friend and spiritual mentor and last year she went home to the Lord. I really miss our phone calls and the ever ending scriptural talks. The up shot of the story of The Black Thing tells the story of a lost soul coming home and making life time friends that were and are saints. This being a testimony of the power of prayer, love Fay.