The Butter Frog

Can I just give you a little bit of encouragement today. Do you like butter? Butter makes everything better! When I was little when I bumped my head or crashed my bike, my grandma always got the butter out of the fridge and rubbed butter on my bump or my wound. I’m sure the butter did something but the love that applied the butter did so much more.
Some frogs know all about butter. Two naughty frogs were playing in the dairy near the freshly made pot of cream. Then they got too close and fell into the cream. The frogs splashed and splashed and wiggled and squirmed and couldn’t get out of the cream pot. One of the frogs gave up and sunk to the bottom of the cream and died. The other frog said to himself “I AM NOT GIVING UP!” He swam and he squirmed and he kicked all the harder! Before he knew it the cream had been churned to butter! He jumped off the lump of butter and out of the pot.
Truth is friends in class when we are sitting the biggest test the teacher is usually silent. ️
We are all like frogs struggling in the cream of life! If you’re facing any sort of struggle at the moment I just want to encourage you to be like frog number 2, .say to yourself “I’M NOT GIVING UP.” Kick a little harder! Swim a little stronger! Turn that cream into butter and then jump right out of the pot! The “cream” might be your dream but the “butter’ is better.  If you’re in a hard place today then take heart️! God has not forgotten you! God has not gone on holidays! God has not left you or forsaken you! God is still on the throne! God still has his hand on your life! God has not given up on you! God has a good plan for your life!

Truth is friends in class when we are sitting the biggest test the teacher is usually silent. ️Even though things have gotten crazy, God is still in control and he has a plan for you to turn “cream” into “butter.” If you are under spiritual attack then rejoice because something good is coming! When things are not good that’s ok because God IS GOOD! Just keep focused on the future God has for you. Rejoice with the end in view! Don’t look at the circumstances that you may be facing right now. Focus on the finishing line. Trust God with the outcome. He knows what he is doing.  Run to him if you have bumped your head or crashed your bike. His love will apply the “butter” that makes everything better. Be a good frog and read your bible today. Turn to 2nd Corinthians chapter 4: verses 16 to 18! It will save your life, change your life and give you a new life.
God bless you heaps 
Pastor Nigel