The Christian, The Lion and The Monkey

To encourage you today. A Christian named Daniel was lost in the jungle. The locals called that part of the jungle The Lions Den oooooh! It wasn’t long before Daniel found himself facing a lion charging at him through the jungle! Daniel had to think quickly or die!
As he looked down he noticed some bones on the ground at his feet so he quickly picked up a big leg bone and nibbled enthusiastically and said out loud “MMM, That was a tasty lion!” The lion stopped in his tracks and thought uh oh! If this Christian eats lions I’d better back off! And he slinked away into the jungle. Now the monkey in the tree above Daniel was watching all this and thought to himself, if I tell the lion that Daniel tricked him, then the lion will owe me and never eat me. So the monkey catches up with the lion and spills the beans. The lion was furious! The monkey jumps on the lion’s back and says, “Let’s go get the Christian!” He rides the furious hungry lion through the jungle towards Daniel! Now Daniel sees the monkey and the lion charging at him and has to think quickly again. Daniel yells out loud,
“Where IS that Monkey? I told him I’m still hungry and I told him to bring me another lion.” LOL.


Are there any lions charging at you today? Are there any mischievous monkeys trying to mess things up for you? Does a doctor’s report look like it’s going to eat you up? Is fear holding you hostage? Are you facing circumstances that would try and chew on your bones? Are you facing doubts that would allow the monkeys to mess with your mind?  Rise up to the occasion! Stand your ground! Know that if God is for you, who can be against you! God says you’re the head and not the tail! You are blessed going in and blessed going out! Don’t let the lions devour your dreams! Don’t let monkeys determine your destiny! Go on with God and live the life he has for you!
God bless you heaps 
Pastor Nigel

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