The Greatest Gift

To lift you up and encourage you. The story is told of a young man growing up in a Godly household with Godly parents who loved him dearly. The young man was headstrong, ambitious and sometimes selfish and not really interested in God. As his first day of college came closer, he dreamed of this day as his Father would give him a new car (as was the custom in his family). The young man got so excited as his father took him to the new car dealerships to see which car the young man liked.

Finally the first day of college arrived for the young man. His father sat him down and said “We want to give you the greatest gift we can” and handed him a bible. Where was his new car! The young man erupted with rage and threw the Bible at his parents and stormed out with his few possessions and found his own way to college. He never spoke to his parents again until the news came that his father had died.

Upon returning home for the funeral and to help his mum clear out his fathers possessions he found the Bible his father had tried to give him. As he flicked through the pages with tears in his eyes he found a key. His mother led him to the garage where he found his new car which had been sitting there for 10 years!

Truth is, in life we can’t see the big picture, only God sees the big picture. God’s best plan for our lives is found in his word. Let’s not make the mistake of throwing away God’s word and the relationships that flourish with God’s word because of selfishness or being offended. We all get wounded but we can choose to not be offended. Our best choice in life is to forgive everyone of everything and to love one another. Everything in this world matters but not much.

Let’s keep our eyes on God and keep our hearts gentle, let’s be ready for eternity.

God bless you heaps. 

Pastor Nigel