Where are you?

Hope your new year is filled with joy and blessings. In the first book of that ancient roadmap for life Genesis 3:9, God asks Adam a very important question; God asks Adam and Eve “Where are you?”

Maybe God is asking you the same question today? Where are you? An experienced bush walker will tell you this, “you must know where you are before you know where you’re going otherwise you will get lost.

Where are you going in 2019? What things do you hope to achieve this year?

What things are you going to change In your life? What direction are you going in 2019?

I believe that 2019 is the year you will get breakthrough, if you will do it with God. Whatever challenges you will face this year, face them with God. Trust him in everything!

He is bigger and greater than anything that may come against you in 2019! God has a good plan for your life and he is waiting to lead you into that plan and bless you.

But first, he needs to know “where you are.” If you are with him, then he knows where you are. If he knows where you are then he can walk with you and talk with you and lead you in the path he has for you. Don’t waste another year going around the mountain like you’re lost! Get your GPS working for heavens sake.

God’s Positioning System is the best way to get out of the wilderness and onto the path which leads you home. God bless you heaps in 2019

Pastor Nigel