Winning The Human Race

Did you know that we are all in a race?  The “Human Race.”  Whether we are poor, rich,  tall, short, white, black or brindle, we are all one group, one family, one human race.  When we realize that “we are one” we also realize that when we hurt another person in thought, word or deed, we are actually hurting ourselves!  No one really wants to hurt themselves or another person.  Because we are part of the “Human Race” we have the awesome opportunity to take from others or to give to others.  The choice is ours.  Jesus said it’s better to give than to take.  Being part of the human race is a great responsibility and at the same time it is a wonderful privilege.  What a privilege it is to intertwine our lives with our loved ones, family and friends and the people we meet.

  • What a blessing it is to love and be loved. 
  • What a blessing it is to have good relationships with people we trust and admire and appreciate. 
  • What a blessing it is to be gentle and kind and considerate.

When we realize that we are one, we would never want to hurt anyone, we would never complain about anything.  Violence would be abhorrent and inconceivable!  Raised voices and arguments would be considered to be unproductive and damaging to the other person and to ourselves!  Spiritual maturity must be our goal in life.  God’s wisdom is what we must use to nurture and protect our relationships.  Jesus said it best, he said we must grow up into the things of God.  Read Ephesians 4:15 where it says that we must no longer behave as spoiled children but to become spiritually mature. Truth is friends, your self help guru is not going to cut it because he’s just a man with worldly ways.  But consider Jesus who was both man and God and his ways are God’s ways!  Now that’s the guru I need.  If you want to live in a better world then be the change you want to see.

  • Make the choice to love and not hate.
  • Make the choice to be kind instead of cruel.
  • Make the choice to help instead of complain.
  • Make the choice to feel what the other person is going though instead of focusing on yourself.
  • Make the choice to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.
  • Make the choice today to do life with Jesus! 

Simply invite him into your heart today and ask him to change you from the inside out and he will. God bless you heaps  Pastor Nigel 

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