The greatest knowledge in anyone’s Christian walk is learning and knowing the Lord is the same yesterday and forever.  Now that’s a curly piece of knowledge to accept when you see everything around you going belly-up time after time! So to encourage new Christians and seasoned Christians here is my story of just how much God does care for you.  Now this tale will sound as though it came from a book for children and if it had never happened to me I would not believe it. I swear on the Bible that this is a true event!

In the 1980’s we lived in a very small village between Ankie and Longreach with a very small population of about 200. It was all very anti-Christian and there was a feeling of oppression over the place. I had been living in the little village called “The Willows” for about a year feeling very much alone and doing my chores.  I was feeling angry with the world, including my husband, for taking me to a place where even the Indigenous people don’t live! This was really very unfair of me as my husband was cutting gem stones for a living at that time.

Still I was feeling peeved while hanging out the washing and I whinged like a kid and crying “OH Lord I feel like the only pebble on the Island!” No Christian fellowship for a thousand miles!!! Three months later a couple came looking for a gem cutter and we spent the day talking and having a great time. If you ask anyone they will tell you I’m a great talker! The time came for the couple to leave and I saw them to the gate saying goodbye. The Gentleman was about to get into his four wheel drive. He stopped and called out to me. His words amazed me, “The Lord says you’re not the only little pebble on the Island”  Wow! Bang! and Wow, Bang! The next moment I was crying, laughing and hugging the poor guy. The long shot of this story is that they were Christians and wherever they travelled they told other Christians about me in outback Central Queensland.

From that day till we moved from the Willows I had Christians coming out of my ears!!  The Lord even sent an 80 year old Pastor to have fellowship and started up a little church!! So the Lord is interested in every little thing in your life and he’s the same forever!!

Amen, Fay Wheeler