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  • Who is Global Care?
    Global Care Australia is the charity arm of International Network of Churches (INC). Under the Global Care banner, local churches across the nation endeavour to demonstrate the practical love of Christ. Our mission We Are On A Mission To Love And Serve People. Global Care has a heart of kindness, generosity, and an intrinsic focus on mates helping mates. This is the week-in, week-out faithful work of our organisation and our incredible volunteers. Here in Childers (Apple Tree Creek), our local operation provides Low-Cost Groceries and Food Hampers available to anyone. We hope we can help more families and individuals reduce their food bills. There are no referrals or specific requirements needed. By supporting us, you help us bless others who may need a helping hand. Plans are underway to fully transition to a Low-Cost Grocery Store in the future. You can read more on the Global Care Website.
  • Do you have FREE food available?
    That depends on what we have available at the time which is also subject to what has been donated. We will usually have bread and some dry goods that have been donated available at no cost if someone needs extra help. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to ask. We will do what we can to help. If you can, please donate good quality dry goods or produce. Every donation helps whether we pass it on for free or include it in our low-cost hampers. The more we receive, the more we can bless others.
  • Are there any restrictions on purchases?
    Everyone is welcome to buy from us. No referral is needed. At times, certain products may have a limit per customer applied to them. This is simply so we can share the benefit with as many people as possible. In these cases, it will be noted online and a sign or sticker will be displayed in-store. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Why and How do you sell food at a low cost?
    You can read more about us under the question above Who is Global Care or visit the website here. Many people are finding the rising costs of living difficult. By offering low-cost groceries we hope to help alleviate some of that pain. Everyone is welcome to purchase from us. Your support enables us to help more people. We work to keep the costs down by relying heavily on: Volunteers Donations of food and funds Foodbank QLD - see below for more information The Citicoast Pantry (Global Care Bundaberg) Other local supporters Reducing our operating costs as much as possible Reducing the need for higher profits About Foodbank At Foodbank, we believe everyone should have access to food. There are Australians going without every day and we are working hard to change that. Foodbank in Queensland provides millions of kilograms of food and groceries to 350 front line charities and 300 school breakfast programs each year. Together, we give food and hope to more than 150,000 Queenslanders in need each week.
  • What's the difference between Use By and Best Before Dates?
    Products with a Best-Before Date still have life in them beyond that date. Typically, this label applies to dry goods. Use-By Dates however are final. You should not buy or consume products after their Use-By date. This date is common with perishable goods such as dairy products. You may notice some products in-store and in our Pantry Box are close to or past their Best-Before Date. Generally, depending on the product, the Use-By Date of these products is six (6) months after the Best-Before date. This is one way we can acquire these products at below-average prices. They are still safe and fit for consumption and by buying them, we all help reduce food waste.
  • How can I become a volunteer?
    We're glad you asked. Volunteers are the foundation of everything we do here. If you'd like to join us, come along when we're open and say Hi (trading hours are noted near the top of this page). Our friendly team will welcome you and show you around. You can take some time to watch what we do and ask questions. Alternatively, send us a message from our Contact page or the Let's Chat button at the bottom of our website and we'll be in touch. If you'd like to proceed, we have some paperwork for you to complete and you will need to attend an induction. After that, we can add you to the schedule. There are no minimum requirements to volunteer, other than being able to safely perform your duties. This also means you don't have to be onsite for the entirety of our trading times if that is not suitable for you. Additionally, we have other areas where you may be able to assist outside of our trading hours. Note: You will need to wear closed-in shoes when serving as a volunteer.
  • What type of donations do you accept?
    At this time, we're very interested in receiving donations of cash or food. Yes, we do accept donated eggs and have egg cartons available. Typically, we will give these away for free advising customers that they were donated in order to be transparent. When it comes to food donations generally, we will follow the same rules as Foodbank Qld noted below. If possible, it is best if you can bring your donated goods to us during our trading hours. Alternatively, please contact us via the Contact page or the Let's Chat button at the bottom of the page and we'll be in touch to make arrangements. Thank you for your generosity, it really makes a difference.
  • Do you have a Facebook Page for updates?
    Yes, we do, here's our Facebook link.
  • Do you have an online store or offer delivery?
    We have launched an online store where the majority of our products are listed and available for purchase. You can visit the online store anytime to see what's available and the prices. At the moment, this is a CLICK + COLLECT system only. The link to the store can be found near the top of this page. Unfortunately, no, we don't currently offer delivery. However, this is something that may be an option in the future.
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