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Want to know more about Christianity? Do you have questions about life and God? Alpha is suitable for everyone whether you're seeking answers, want to build your faith or improve your ability to share the Good News. 


You're invited to a FREE 8 session (6 week) course. 

  • Week 1

    • Is there more to life than this?

  • Week 2

    • Who is Jesus?

  • Week 3

    • Why did Jesus Die?

  • Week 4

    • How can I have faith?

  • Week 5 The three sessions listed below are done on one day we call Holy Spirit Encounter Day. It is a day away at the beach.

    • Who is the Holy Spirit?

    • What does the Holy Spirit do?

    • How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?​​

  • Week 6

    • How can I make the most of the rest of my life?


Held Saturday mornings at the Apple Tree Memorial Hall.

Register your interest now by contacting us below.

Enquiries to Greg 0412 390 052

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